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Apps for any devices are crucial for users & business. Hence, it’s crucial to test apps on all platform to ensure that they function effectively

We have thousands of different devices, operating systems and browser types. Testers test on their own devices in real-life conditions to ensure the consistency of your application across all platforms.
Testing on
real networks
Make sure that your application works seamlessly on different networks such as WiFi, 3G, 4G & 5G. for various parameters such as bandwidth, speed, etc.
Our testers and project managers work around the-clock to make time-consuming testing a breeze.Get your application tested withn 24 hours by our in-house testing team and get the user precived quality

350+ Unique Real in house Devices

Testing on real devices

AppTestify helps you to save time, cost and improve the quality and usability of your application. Get your application tested by 75+ in-house testers on 350 unique real devices.

We identify the current state of your software and show potential problems and fixes

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Reduced your product launch time by 50% .Save time, cost and improve the quality and usability of your applications.