Test Automation

AppTestify’s hybrid Automation solutions are transforming businesses. AppTestify has developed
Hybrid unique automation framework that perform repetitive testing
activities faster and more accurate


No Coding Required

AppTestify AI Automation tool automatically locates and identifies hundreds of selectors.
Page object recognition that happens continually and autonomously, increasing test modularity and scalability.


Simple,Efficient and Fast

Tests execution should be executable at scale, in the cloud, so they become more efficient and reliable with every subsequent run and release.
Scripts are executable from anywhere around the globe, from any device, with any bandwidth, and in all types of environments.


Better Test coverage

AppTestify test automation solution can execute 1000+ different test cases in every test run providing coverage that is not possible with manual tests.
Tests can run automatically whenever source code changes are checked in and notify the team or the developer if they fail.


Faster time to Market

With software tests being repeated every time source code is modified, manually repeating those tests can be not only time-consuming but extremely costly.

In contrast, once created – automated tests can be executed again and again, with zero additional cost at a much faster pace

hybrid framework

Hybrid Framework that works on real browsers, Android and iOS devices

cross platform testing

Capability to run the test on Web, Android and iOS platform seamlessly

run parallel test​

Run the parallel testing on all platform at the same time to save execution time significantly

run test on real cloud devices

Choose from wide range of real cloud real devices to run the test without any infrastructure setup

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