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On Demand Testing Services

Ship code faster with AppTestify’s On-demand Testing services. AppTestify provides
dynamic and scalable testing services and reduce time to market and help customers
to plan and schedule test cycles without any delays.

Exploratory Testing

Exploratory Testing marks an important activity while practising Agile methodologies of software development. In an agile sprint, the software is developed with the release of multiple versions in a duration of every few weeks. Which means the time to develop and test is restricted and needs to be done on a tighter timeline.
Thus, to conform to the small iterations of agile, exploratory testing, as it is less time-consuming complements with the automation testing to enhance the software with each version release. AppTestify exploratory testing solutions mainly tests the newly introduced features for the upcoming version and regression testing of existing features. It ensures robust functionality, better user experience with constant learning and implementing with each version, informing the team about possible issues that might occur.

Scenario-based Testing

AppTestify’s Scenario based testing approach takes care of the testing that comprise of BUSINESS PROCESS FLOW testing end to end. Certain test steps are written in a manner that complete the positive business flow of the application based on BRD document. Scenario based testing is very important in the projects where time is less and product needs to be delivered in short time.
In general, UAT users prefer scenario based testing to check the positive business flow. This helps them in determining whether application is stable and with new feature how far team is comfortable deploying it to production. Our in-house testing team design the testing extensive test cases and execute it.

Acceptance Testing

Acceptance testing is a testing phase wherein the end users test the product and provide their feedback. Ideally User Acceptance tests are executed after System Testing, by the end users to ensure that the product delivered adequately meets the expectation as agreed upon by the customer. This testing happens in the final phase of testing before releasing the software to Market.
AppTestify deliver the acceptance testing based on the customer instruction and the business use cases provided by the customer. This phase of testing ensures that the thing that was built actual does for the customer what it was meant in spirit to accomplish and that it’s aesthetically how it’s supposed to work.

Localization Testing

Make sure that your app fit the locale of your market
The purpose of doing localization testing is to check appropriate linguistic and cultural aspects for a particular locale. It includes a change in the user interface or even the initial settings according to the requirements.In this type of testing, many different testers will repeat the same functions. They verify various things like typographical errors, cultural appropriateness of UI, linguistic errors, etc.