Major challenges around testing mobile devices on Cloud

There are so many benefits of running the business applications on the cloud environments such as banking services, mobile collaborate apps, mailbox on cloud apps, cloud backup apps, virtual storage drives, etc. but still there are many challenges which come in the way of testers to test an application on cloud environment.

Some of these challenges are explained below.

  • Performance Issues
  • Security issues
  • Integration Concerns
  • ROI Estimation
  • Qualitative Services
  • Functional Testing aspects
  • Accessibility and Recovery Testing
  • Over to you
  • User Experience & Issues with App Performance
  • Touch Screen
  • Context Awareness
  • Lesser Time to Market the App
  • Security Issues
  • Variations of Mobile User Interfaces
  • Lack of Access to Multiple Devices
  • Device Based Testing Approach
  • Screen Sizes
  • Connection Types
  • OS Version Fragmentation
  • Browser Fragmentation
  • Power Consumption/Battery Life. …
  • Usability
  • Internationalization
  • Device Settings.

Today, millions of mobile users are dependent on their mobiles – more so on their mobile apps to conduct and browse internet for social networking or for other purposes.

The increased usage and rapid development of mobile apps is a clear indicator for the need to test them thoroughly before releasing them to the market.

With end user getting more critical of user experience and performance, it is a must to address certain mobile app testing challenges.

The cloud computing environment has many good reasons which can make an organization to migrate its business application on the cloud but at the same time, the testers need to face the challenges and test the application in the best way they can after overcoming the testing difficulties.

Have you faced any other Challenges of Test In Cloud Environment, please share in the comments section below.

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