Top 5 challenges in mobile testing

1.Device coverage during the mobile application testing: In this current competitive market, it is very important to make sure that application runs smoothly on all available devices. Application should be tested on different screen sizes, different operating systems and on different mobile networks. Consistent application behavior is very important on all type of supported devices. Device compatibility testing becomes crucial if we want to give better customer experience and stable products. Crowd Testing is a new trend which is helping customers to find the defects on faster speed and reducing the product launch time drastically.

2. Meeting the timeliness of build release: Completing the testing on time to meet application build release time is the biggest challenge for the product owners. Delay in testing can lead to additional project cost.

3. Cost effectiveness: Testing should be plannedproperly and needs to aligned with Test Strategy. Any defect leakage in the application increases the project cost and also gives a bad user experiences. To reduce the defect leakage and control the cost of the application needs proper testing including structured Testing, Exploratory Testing, Load and Performance Testing and Security Testing before launching the application

4.Better Testing team and Testing Tools: Testing team should have skilled and should have domain expertise so that they can find out the most of the defects at the early stage of testing. Using automation and performance engineering’s tools can help in identifying the defects and performance glitch in the application.

5.Usability: Providing better user experience is the ultimate goal of an application. This helps us in building a better and sustainable application. End users always provide the feedback based on their interaction with the application on the real devices that they are using daily. It is critical to examine the Usability defects to improve customer experiences.

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